Free Stuff


More and more companies are offering free software for the home user to help combat antivirus, adware, malware etc. click on any of the links below to go directly to their website. Professional versions of the programs are available and worth investigation

AVG ANTIVIRUSFree anti virus scanner with updates, easy to use, automatically updates and scans.

AD-AWARE The benchmark for Adware and Malware which can slow your computer down and hijack your web browser

SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY Another Adware and Malware cleaner. comes highly recommended

SYGATE PERSONAL FIREWALL Essential you have a good firewall particularly if you have an ADSL connection. This one is free and comes highly recommended

ONSPEED If your still on dial up then have a look at this. Its not free but I know several people who swear by it.

OPEN OFFICE You dont have Microsoft Office and want an alternative. This is free and Office compatible. Its a big download but well worth it. Its "open source" software. In other words its developed and released by people who do it for nothing.

MYIE2 Internet explorer web browser with more features and easier to use. Its the one we use here.

FIREFOX Another web browser based on the mozilla engine. Very good and worth a look

SMART FTP FTP (file transfer protocol) client.